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The Businss of CPR Training

Marketing, Sales, Training and Instructor Support

Build a Profitable Business Teaching Others to Save Lives.

Are you already a First Aid & CPR or BLS Instructor?  Thinking about becoming one?  Have you considered joining a professional association to help you build a business and reach more people faster?

We are Here to Support You.

  • Business Startup
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Opporations
  • Equipment Discounts
  • Mentoring
  • Much More

CPR Instructor Association

Whether you’re thinking about supplementing your income with a part-time business model or you want to invest more time in building a full-time income for yourself, CPR Instructors Association can help.

The CPR Instructor Association is for new and existing instructors who want to build a business, but who aren’t sure where to get started. It’s for people who want to learn more about marketing, professional development, and growth. The Association is designed to provide ongoing support, mentorship, discounts, opportunities, and more for instructors across the country.
What are the Top 50 Jobs that Require CPR?

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What are Eight Question when making outbound Prospecting Class?
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When is One Thing you Much Do when Giving Pricing to a Corporate Customer?
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When a customer request CPR Only class, what are 3 thing you need to confirm?
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When teaching offsite, what is one thing you must do while preparing for class?
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Why A CPR Association Member is Right For You

Our Professional Association means you’re never alone in your journey to build the business you imagine for yourself, your family, and your community. With members across the country, you’ll have access to insights, advice, tips, strategies, and world-class training materials to help you hit the ground running and maintain that momentum all the way to the finish line – whatever success looks like for you.
Our Association helps you tackle some of the hardest parts of business ownership with ease: sales, marketing, growth, hiring, human resources, insurance, upgrading of skills, content, advertising, budgeting, and so much more. Your membership includes access to an exclusive online portal where you’ll find training materials, support measures, contact information, discount deals, templates – new information is always being added and updated!

How the CPR Association Helps You Grow

As a BLS, First Aid & CPR instructor, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date marketing and growth strategies for in-person and online training classes. You’ll be able to find answers to your burning questions and get support to move projects, contracts, and client work forward. Our Association helps you:


Inbound Marketing

Learn how to have Customers Contact You. 


Out Bound Marketing

Learn Where to Find Customers that Need Your Service


Plan of Action

Run Your Business Full or Part Time to Match your Life Style 


Equipment Discounts

Save CPR Equipment Discounts and Free Shipping


Plan Your Growth

Clear on where you want to take your CPR training business and goals

Single & Corporate Sales

Understand your market and identify opportunities to leverage your business in your community

Join the CPR Instructors Association Network

Discounts on Materials, Equipment, Supplies, Insurance, and more

CPR Instructors Association Services

Access to an online portal where you’ll find training materials, videos, audio files, templates, lessons, strategies planners, and more to kickstart and grow your business building efforts

CPR Instructor

How do I become a CPR Instructor?
What do I need to start my Business?
What are the startup costs?
What CPR Instructor Program is best for me?

Equipment Discounts

Discounts on Training Supplies, Manikins, AEDs and More.

Free CPR Website

Boost your CPR Business and Market credibility with a fully functional and Content Ready CPR Website. These CPR Websites are perfect for promoting and enrolling local customers and groups for your CPR Business.

Sales Training

  • Know who to sell too
  • What to Sell
  • Phone Scripts
  • Bid Corporate Jobs
  • RFP
  • Scouts Program
  • Sales Targets
  • Selling Corporates
  • Selling Blended Classes
  • Prospecting

Business Operations

  • Sample Business Plan
  • Suggest Pricing
  • Payment processing
  • Booking systems
  • Blended Training
  • Licensing
  • Incorporation
  • Insurance
  • Location Lease Negotiation

AED Reseller

Sell AED and AED Monitoring to your customers for a nice return.

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One-of-a-kind Association for Your One-of-a-Kind Business

The First Aid & CPR training industry is a multi-billion dollar entity, but nobody can build a business the way you can. You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to create a business that suits your lifestyle and train people in life-saving strategies and processes that are meaningful, rewarding, and impactful. Not only that, many industries require First Aid & CPR training so we’ll show you how to tap into those “guaranteed” industries to ensure income and growth in your business. You bring your go-getter attitude and love of training and we’ll give you everything you need to start, run and grow a successful and profitable First Aid & CPR training business.

Build a Profitable Business Teaching Others to Save A Life

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